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Zombie Survival 3D


Zombie Survival 3D for Android is a First Person Shooter that brings you a gaming experience never seen before in mobile games.

Enjoy competing for world rankings thanks to Google Play Game Services.

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Zombie Survival 3D

3D modern graphics

The best graphics in Android taking advantage of the latest mobile GPU.

3 scenarios

Have fun playing 3 indoor and outdoor levels

More than 10 weapons

Use pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades and many more

Bullet time

Get advantage using this ability to slow down time.

Compete worldwide

Several scoreboards to compete in Google Play Games.

Fun minigames

In addition to the Zombie Survival Game, you can play mini-games like sniper or basketball.

A challenge

The game has good graphics. It's hard until you buy upgrades but it's addictive.

Incredible game!

The game is similar to the zombie mode of Call of Duty but with the mini is much more fun, especially the basket!